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Hey, I was just wondering how your mum was? (I was the one who sent you a message a few months back telling you to take time off blogging when your mum was ill) I'm not being a creep, I just thought about her for some reason and wondered how she was, hope she is okay and I hope you are too :) x


Wow, I’m surprised that people still remember, I do remember your message, infant I acted on it and delegated my blog work until my mother finished her treatment. But wow, thank you for remembering. 😊

she’s recovering very well. I saved as much money as I could last year and surprised her with a holiday back home to Trinidad after her treatment was over. This actually kept her spirits up during chemo.

I can’t complain, life is slowly picking back up. I didn’t think anything could bring us closer than we already are, but cancer did. It made me appreciate time and taught me that life is only as good as the people in it.

I now spend more time listening to her stories, enjoying her company and daydreaming while she’s talking, thinking to myself how lucky I am to still have her in my life.

My mum is doing well thank you. I just continue to pray to God that her health maintains.

Thank you.
I hope all is well with you


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  • while eating food: hell yassss ne regrats i feel alive nobody can stop me now
  • the aftermath: shit im so fat why did i have to do that why can't just fucking say no god what's wrong with me, etc.